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Meike Online Store
About MeiKeStore

MeiKeStore is the online store for MeiKe photographic equipment. MeiKe is mainly engaged the product development, manufacturing and retailing of professional photographic equipment.

We sell all kinds of MeiKe Photographic Equipment, MeiKe Battery GripsMeike Flashes, MeiKe Extension Tubes, MeiKe WaterProof Cases, Meike Flash Triggers.

MeiKe store wants to please and to satisfy our customers all the time. It's the motivation for us to keep moving in order to become the top level of photographic equipment online store in the world.

We aim at offering the most updated and high quality consumer electronics to web shoppers from all over the world while shoppers can experience a comfortable and secure shopping process on the web.

What is your team's business value?
Candor would be the main element for running our business. Without candor our merchandizing team may bride resulting in a high purchasing cost. Without candor there may be misleading product information which would upset our customers. To manage this globalized team, candor would be the most essential factor to provide a democratic and fair working environment.

What should I do if I want to know more about you?
Don't be shy. Email us at service@meikestore.com and we will fulfill your hunger.